Monday, September 15, 2008

New Facebook review - in a word - " it sucks"

I've tried hard to like the new Facebook. I sampled it for a couple of weeks when they first introduced it, but decided it wasn't for me and then reverted to the old, familiar style.

You see, it just didn't let me easily access the applications, the wall, my news feeds, groups and all the other things I used to like about Facebook. It used to be on the one handy page, now in their pursuit of cleanliness, the interface is in fact an ugly mess.

About a week ago, Facebook, probably the most popular social networking application among adults, forced their new design onto their millions of users.

Well it seems that I am not alone. A protest group within Facebook called "I hate the new Facebook" has over a million members !

The Facebook people just can't seem to turn a trick. They've been criticised for privacy issues related to their news feeds and their horrible use of social advertising.

My use of Facebook is getting less and less, while I have been using applications like Linkedin more. If it wasn't a place where I have all my old contacts, I would have stopped using it long ago. Bebo and MySpace are unfortunately not for me. Come to think of it, should any new social networking application that is half decent has the ability to import my "friends" and contacts, I'd be to it in a minute.

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Docteur Who? said...

I find the new Facebook to be intolerable rubbish. They should at very least offer a toggle like Yahoo does it between the cluttered grotesquery of the new FB and the rich streamlined clean-appeal of the fabulous OLD Facebook. Some of my friends have already canceled their Facebook accounts and gone to Yahoo, Twitter and MySpace, and I suspect this exodus to continue dramatically unless Facebook answers the call and fixes this horrifying situation immediately.