Thursday, September 9, 2010

Free Auction Sniping Tools - The Best

If you're sick of losing eBay auctions like me then you might want to get into Auction Sniping.
Auction Sniping is watching a timed online auction and placing a winning bid at the last possible moment. This virtually guarantees a win.

I am a bid sniper and for years I have been using  This service works really well, you just enter your eBay logins, the ID of the auction you wish to snipe and maximum bid. however they only give you a certain number of free snipes before you have to begin to pay for the service.  There are ways to earn more snipes, such as recommending friends or affiliate banners, but once you run out you may wish to look at alternatives.  Fortunately there are now plenty of them.

Some of the alternatives include Bidnapper, AuctionStealer, JustSnipe, Gixen, Bidnip, EasySniper, Powersnipe, BayGenie, JBidWatcher, Hidbid, AuctionSentry, QuickSnipe, BidBall, Snip and HarvEX.

Most of these offer similar features and a few free snipes to start with.

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