Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Can't find the Create Group feature in the New Facebook ?

You're not alone there. After the recent Facebook layout change I simply couldn't find the link to it anywhere. Not in the homepage, applications or even (where you'd expect to find it) in the groups section .....

However after searching Facebook and the web extensively for the create group feature I found this direct link which you might find useful:

Bookmark it.

The new interface on Facebook is a disgrace. Groups and communities are a big part of what makes Facebook popular but it has been overlooked in favour of a focus on the Twitter style status updates system. As a result I've already moved to Orkut for social networking and Twitter for microblogging. They obviously don't do much user testing over there at Facebook HQ .....

Unless they find a way to quickly change direction from these latest changes I doubt it will be too long before the ship hits the Zuckerberg so to speak.

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