Monday, March 30, 2009

Wikipedia and American English

One of the things that really gets me with Wikipedia is the use of American English for the titles of many of its articles. Not to mention that the English version of Wikipedia's whole world view is imbalanced toward the United States and Australia, where the highest number of Internet users per capita are located.

American English is not the authoritive version of English, it is a regional variation, but Wikipedia doesn't agree. American English its own language, riddled with idiosyncrasies of laziness. Even when I set English (UK or Australian) in Microsoft Word, the evils of American English keep creeping in. Now the definition of 21st century knowledge is also spelled out in stars and stripes.

Wikipedia should have a language definition purely for American English to rid Wikipedia from the problems that it creates and enable those who speak the Queen's English, the proper language, to continue to use it.

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